How To Digitize Drawings With An iPhone In 3 Minutes


Have you ever get annoyed when you try to draw online by using a mouse, or your finger on the touchpad? You just can’t draw as perfectly as you want, or as the same as drawing in real life. 

I’m surely one of those who had! Well, if you had read my breaking addictions post and finding out what you want post, you will know what I’m talking about.

Here is what happened:

A girl called Emily is waving her hand

(FYI her name is Emily)

To be honest, I’m not bad at drawing in real life. But whenever I try to draw with my laptop, even with a stylus on Mac’s touchpad (Yup! It’s possible), I just can’t…

What I want to draw v.s. What happened on my laptop

To stop people from misunderstanding me as being bad at drawing, I found a way to digitize my hand drawings into computers by using an iPhone. I don’t even need to download any new applications


This is the result. It’s not perfect, but it looks better than drawing with a mouse or my finger. And here is how I did it:

Step 1: Create A New Note on iPhone

There is a default application on iPhone called “Notes”. If you have never used it before, it looks like this. You simply create a new note in the app.


Step 2: Scan Your Drawing

One of the secrets most people don’t know about Notes is that you can scan any documents with it. (Thank you, Apple!) I was actually informed by one of my best friends about this. That was a mind-blowing day.


You click the plus icon there and click “scan documents


You take a picture of the drawing you want to digitize, and adjust the frame to the range that you want. Then you click “Keep Scan” after finishing or use “Retake” to do it again.

And then you click “save”!

Step 3: Adjust The Color Filter

If you’re scanning a sketch, one of the tips to make your scanned drawing more clear is to adjust the color scale to “Black & White”. It will enhance your drawing line while keeping the background cleaner.

If you’re scanning a colorful drawing, you can simply keep the color filter at “Color”. For instance, I drew it with a blue-ink pen, so if I choose “Color”, the line is in blue.


After that, you just click “Done” on the top-left corner. And click “Save” on the next screen.

Step 4: Transfer To Your Computer

Once it’s saved, you will be redirected back to the original note screen. Now you click on the scanned drawing, then click the “Sharing” button on the top-right corner


If you’re using Apple’s Mac, you can AirDrop the digitized drawing into it. And it will send the drawing into your Mac as a PDF file.

If you’re using non-Apple laptops or computers, you can send it by using “Email” or save it onto your “Google Drive”.


Step 5 (Optional): Convert It To JPG

The digitized drawings will be saved and sent as PDF files. If you want to convert them to JPG, you can use Smallpdf, an online converter. That is the one I usually use. It also allows you to directly import the file from your Google Drive. Or you can simply choose any other online converting tools you want.


And voila! You’re done!

There are some disadvantages with this method, such as having an unclear background or having shadows while taking the picture. You can edit those out if you’re a photoshop user.

However, if you have a clean, un-wrinkled paper and find better lighting, this will be the easiest and quickest way to do it. 

Hope you find it helpful. I mean, who will have a gigantic scanner along with them all the time, right? But please let me know if you have a better way to do it! I will then update this post 🙂

All Steps In A Glance

Step 1: Create a new note in “Notes” with an iPhone

Step 2: Scan the drawing 

Step 3: Choose “Color” or “Black & White” filter

Step 4: Transfer it into the computer

Step 5 (Optional): Convert PDF into JPG